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Golf World Alliance ("Alliance") is an association of Golf courses, Groups and chains from all over the world. A  membership benefit program (Golf world Member – GWM) providing participating individuals ("Golf World Members") with reciprocal golf play at all participating Alliance courses. Benefits are administered by the Alliance (GWA) ("Administrator"). Program benefits are equal as there is one product type – GWM.

Persons who are members of or participants in selected clubs, are eligible to participate in the Club benefit level by paying required fees and dues as may be assessed from time to time, in the sole determination and discretion of Administrator. Such fees may be in the form of additional monthly dues, one-time fees, or both. Fees and/or dues may be paid directly to Administrator or to Administrator's individual participant's club.

All reservations for usage of Club benefits must be made by contacting the Club Concierge ("Concierge"), which is available to Golf world  Members in the country of purchase of their upgrade to GWM.

Each individual provider is responsible for the quality and delivery of its goods or services, and any dispute regarding such quality or delivery, or any other dispute related to the goods or services delivered (or not delivered) by the provider, is between the provider and the Club Member. Administrator will not be responsible for the acts or omissions of any participating provider. Administrator will provide info necessary to contact such provider, upon request.

In order to allow third parties to administer and provide GWM benefits described herein, Administrator may from time to time need to provide those third parties with certain information regarding Program Members. By participating in the Program, each Golf World Member hereby consents and expressly provides Administrator with permission to supply to third party vendors all information which each Golf World Member has previously provided to Administrator or any of its agents. No third party will be permitted to use such information for the purpose of solicitation, unless expressly authorized to do so by individual Club Members. Administrator will supply only information which the Club Member has already provided, and which is needed to facilitate Program Benefits (as determined by Administrator in its reasonable discretion).

Administrator makes no guarantees or representations regarding the availability of tee times at any club. All tee times are provided on a space available basis only, first come, first serve. Except as otherwise noted herein, all Club Members are responsible for payment of charges incurred through usage of their Club benefits, including any applicable sales taxes or other surcharges which may apply. Club benefits, including complimentary and/or reduced greens fees, are not available as part of a Group Booking. Administrator may determine in its discretion whether a request constitutes a "Group Booking," but at a minimum a "Group Booking" is defined as any single booking which requires two or more consecutive tee times at one club on the same date.
In the event of any claim, dispute or cause of action of any kind arising under or in any way relating to these terms and conditions, or to the participation of any Golf World Member in any Program benefit level, the amount of damages suffered by any participating member shall be limited to an amount equal to the amount of participation fees and/or dues paid by that Member as consideration for participating in their benefit level, if any, during the twelve months immediately preceding the events giving rise to the cause, claim or dispute. All parties to this agreement agree that damages suffered by an individual participating member under these terms and conditions would be difficult to ascertain with any certainty, and further agree that the above statement of liquidated damages represents a fair resolution of any claims, disputes or causes of action that a participating member may have now or in the future. All parties further agree and understand that Administrator is an independent entity, solely responsible for the administration of the GWM, and no person or entity shall seek to hold any parent,  affiliate of Administrator, Including but not limited to the 7 founder members of GWA cited on the Alliance website, responsible for any obligations or liabilities of Administrator related to the Program in any way.

Additional details regarding participating providers, and available GWA benefits, are available at www.golf-worldalliance.com.

Golf World Member  Terms and Conditions




Golf World Membership benefits were created as a traveling benefit. As such, Alliance Benefits are available only to the individual Program Member when they are traveling out of their country and whose residence(s), places of business(es), and home club addresses are located outside a seventy-five (75) mile radius from an Affiliate Club .


Complimentary Green Fees

Within European founder Member Countries : Complimentary Green fees

Towards the USA, Asia:
GWM Program members will receive complimentary green fees at Affiliate Clubs up to a maximum of two (2) tee times, per thirty (30) days, per property.

Discounted Green Fees

GWM Program members will receive 50% off each Affiliate Clubs rack rate green fees after using their complimentary green fees as described above.

Additional costs

Applicable cart fees may apply and will be required for payment at the member affiliate Club on day of play or through online/concierge booking. The Program member also accepts that reciprocal play does not include extra purchases such as driving range balls, tuition, proshop goods, and any other personal expenditure.

Program Members and their accompanied guests will satisfy any fees incurred for services rendered, at the time services are rendered with an accepted credit card.


Reservation rules and benefits

Program Members may make reservations up to thirty (30) days in advance.

Limitations on time of play and tee sheet access

Access is limited to after 12:00pm on weekends and holidays – unless otherwise agreed with participating Club at time of reservation.

All access is space available, at the discretion of the Alliance Club.


Nominative Product

Accompanied guests of Program Members will pay the Alliance Club's guest fees and cart fees, if applicable. Only the named Golf world member at time and pace of purchase will be recognized as valid for the period and term of membership.


Golf world member identification

Whilst using the benefits of the GWM product and upon check in – the member accepts he may be asked to produce valid ID for control purposes of identity and playing rights.


Golf World Alliance – non US residents

Non U.S. Program Members wishing Non U.S. tee times will contact their Alliance Companies reservation desk by phone or by email to confirm reservation.


Golf World Alliance – US residents

Program Members wishing U.S. tee time reservations will contact the Alliance Companies reservation desk who in turn will contact Access Global Concierge by phone or by email to confirm reservation.

Contact and procedures for Play


Program Members are not permitted to contact the Alliance Club directly, and walk up play will not be permitted.


Participating clubs with the Golf World Alliance


Participating Alliance Clubs may change from time to time at the discretion of the Alliance Companies. A current list of participating Alliance Clubs will be maintained on the Golf World Alliance website www.golfworld-alliance.com



Golf World Membership is non transferable.



  • Members hereby permit their telephone conversations with the Concierge to be tape-recorded and/or monitored for training and quality control purposes
  • A $100 USA and ROW or 80€ Europe service fee will be charged for all no shows subsequent to reservations for tee times
  • If Members and Members' guests should incur loss or damages through use of any benefit under the Golf World Membership program, Administrator's liability for such loss or damage will be limited to the injured party's fees paid for the benefit in which such loss or damage occurred, and in no event will Administrator be liable for special, consequential or punitive damages.
  • This limitation of liability shall also apply to all participating companies, servants and agents of  Administrator, specifically including but not limited to the 7 founder companies of the Alliance
  • Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions or failure to pay any sums owed to the Administrator may result in the suspension or termination of Member's benefits
  • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the country of France. Any action at law or in equity by a Member or Member's guest,  to seek any remedy against the  Administrator or its associated entities must be submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts of Nanterre, Paris , France
  • In the event a Member or Member's guest initiates an action at law or in equity and Administrator prevails, that Member or Member's guest shall pay all costs incurred by the Administrator in defending such action, including reasonable attorney's fees.





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