Become an Affiliate Club

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Invitations to become a Golf World Alliance Affiliate Company or Affiliate Club may only be extended by a Founding Partner of Golf World Alliance - See Contact Us.

Individual Members who have satisfied the enrollment requirements established by each  Founding Partner may be referred to as a Golf World Alliance Member. However, at the discretion of each Founding Partner, Golf World Alliance Member benefits "may" be included as part of an already existing membership product of the Founding Partner and consequently may be referred to by another name. 


Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate Club:

  • Increased golf revenue                                                      - Spend from traveling members
  • Secure a competitive advantage in your market       - Affiliate Clubs are selected by Invitation Only
  • Maintain public pricing integrity                                     - Out of country golf benefits only
  • Delivering more value to your customers                    - Your customer can purchase Golf World Alliance Benefits   
  • Increased exposure for your property                         - Global website and promotions
  • Aligning your golf course with a global brand              - Create perceived and real value and brand appeal
  • Opportunities to generate additional revenue            - Varies by country


Golf World Member Benefits:

Golf World Member benefits were created as a traveling benefit and are only available to individual Members when they are traveling out of their country and away from their residence(s) and place(s) of business.


Affiliate Clubs Agree To:

Provide space available complimentary green fees for Members up to a maximum of two (2) tee times, per property, per thirty (30) days.

Provide 50% off  rack rate green fees after Members have used their complimentary green fees as described above.

Actively market and sell Golf World benefits to customers as required by appropriate Founding Partner.

Members will be limited to a total of five (5) rounds of golf in any one country. Alliance Clubs may elect to accommodate additional 50% off guest fees at their discretion. Accompanied guests of Members will pay the Alliance Club's guest fees and cart fees, if applicable and all  access is space available, at the discretion of the Alliance Club.


Next Step

To request an Invitation to become and Affiliate Club and review the Affiliate Club Agreement, please go to Contact Us to determine the appropriate Founding Partner to contact.

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